Saturday, February 2, 2008

My first Bento Box!!

I went around and found myself a bento box!

It's bigger than I wanted, but I figured I could start with that, and use it for a "full day" thing and include my snacks in there as opposed to just a "lunch box".

It's going to be perfect for those days when I sub and then work at Weight Watchers on the evening.

I also got myself a "spork"! The concept of a spoon and a fork making a "spork" just cracks me up! But I thought that it'd be better for the environment to have one of those and clean it, than use those throw away ones.

I have a little sauce container and paper dividers. I can't wait to go to San Francisco to get little goodies, but this is a start!

My husband is tolerating my new obsession remarkably well. I wonder what's up with that!

So here we are, I'm ready to start playing around in the bento world. I don't plan on making traditional Japanese foods as they don't really fit in my food plan, but I'll be playing around with ideas. How about a Mediteranean bento? An Indian one?

I'm having so much fun planning this I can barely bear myself!

To know more about my adventures in the world of Bento lunch, look in here: Willow's Bento Box

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