Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adjustment of Focus

The Bento Blog took off and is going so strong that this one kind of fell on the wayside. I think it's mainly because I started this blog with a focus that didn't really work for me.

I started this as a "lifestyle blog", with the idea that I could help people change their life and find the right path toward healthy and well being. Not only it's pretentious of me, but my job is to "teach" people how to do this, I don't want to do that all over again in my spare time. Selfish, maybe, but also realistic.

I would rather just share my "adventures" with you my readers. Share with you the new foods I discover, my activity exploits, and the things I find that help me be a better happier me. From there, if you learn something then GREAT! I just don't want to be your "teacher", I'd rather be a friend who's sharing her discoveries and adventures.


My journey:

I needed to take myself in hand really, I was slipping and badly, so here's what I did:

I switched from the Core plan to the Flex plan.

I also emailed my boss at Weight Watchers and asked her if she would mind me "reporting" my weigh-in every week just to keep me accountable.

So now I'm all motivated! I'm moving, taking care of myself, really things are going well.

Discoveries & Adventures:

I'm also back in the groove of trying new things!

Today I went to Trader Joes and I came across a new fruit: Lychee

It's a Chinese fruit, here's what they look like (I peeled one of them to show the white flesh):

Here I have the peeled one in my hand to give you an idea of size:

The taste is very "fresh" and hard to describe. It's like a mix between honey dew melon, green grapes and oranges with a hint of strawberry. How's that for a description?

I think they are delicious, would go wonderfully in a fruit salad, or in a spinach salad.

I know you can find them canned, but they are generally in syrup, so get them fresh while you can! They also can be frozen whole with peel on. The skin will turn dark brown but the taste of the fruit will not be changed.


Last but not least, I went to the Cotati Farmer's Market today. I walked from home to there, about 45 minute to an hour to get there. I brought along my camera to share with you my readers, but I ended up taking no pictures.

I was there a whole 5 minutes, there were 3 or 4 veggies stands, a bunch of junk food, and honestly I was not impressed.

It should be noted that the County Fair started this week, so it might be a factor, but really I expected a little more "Farmer" than "Market".

The fish vendors are there though, that's something worth going for, but next time I'll drive. It's not worth walking so much for.

So that's today's adventures, I had a good day and enjoyed myself very much. Tomorrow will be pretty smooth, I have to stick around to wait for a package... fun!

My next major "adventure" should be this coming Tuesday, we're planning to visit the Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building in San Francisco (Embarcadero). I'm looking forward to discovering new things!

Be good n stuff!

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