Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A picnic indoors!

Have I mentioned anywhere that I'm moving? This week is moving week, I'm spending the week loading my little car with whatever will fit, driving it all the way to San Francisco, and once there, taking it all upstairs.

After I'm done with that I clean another part of the apartment, and come home. Now it might not sound like it, but it's a LOT of work, and it's pretty depressing to do alone. After I complained enough, my husband took the opportunity of a car problem, to come along and help me out today. We did a lot of work, all that is left is washing the floor!

At dinner time we decided to order Indian food. The owner of Great India must have dollars sign in his eyes knowing that, not only we're back in the neighborhood, but we're a block closer than we used to be!

My husband went and got Indian food, came home and realized he had forgotten to get forks! Oh No! You can't eat curry without silverware now can you? So he had to head back out, walk down to Cala(don't know what it's called now, to me it's always been and always will be Cala Foods!) and buy us a box of plastic ware. Seen on the right of the following picture:

Nice set up huh? We eat in style even when we don't have furniture yet! Tablecloth and everything.

Well the story is, I felt so bad that he had to go back, and I knew he felt crummy for forgetting, so I decided to put things together so that we'd have an indoor picnic! We had the picnic basket with everything (except forks and spoons!) so I got creative.

Interesting legs on that table don't you think?

I did miscalculate a bit because I wanted it all ready when he came in so I made my "table" a little too high. It didn't bother him much of course, he's tall, but I had a hard time eating with such a high table.

Mmmmmmmmm Great India food.... It's not excatly eating "thin" but it's mostly healthy (except the ghee!) and it's soooo good...

Here's how I did it. It's an old truck I used to carry my sweaters! I put it on boxes, et voila! Instant picnic table!

Nothing is too good for the working class! We had fun, and I think he really appreciated it. ;o)

Be good n stuff!