Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Rebirth of the Lifestyle Blog

Hi world, it's been a while right?

This blog has been dormant since 2009, and since then my bloggitivity has been focused on my Weekly Note, the blog I keep for my members at Weight Watchers. As I am taking a step back from Weight Watchers (not quitting! just slowing down a bit), I realize that I feel once again the need to connect to the world as an adventurer rather than as a Weight Watchers leader.

So, I'm hoping to start sharing my adventures and discoveries in the world of healthy living in San Francisco on this blog.

There are all sorts of sub-blog attached to this, and a few more attached to my Weekly Note blog. Hopefully I can keep them all straight, and I'll find time to keep them all going.

Ok, I'm a smidgen intimidated, but I'll make it work! So keep an eye out, I'm baaaack!

Be good n stuff!

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